Wool Carpets: The Best Carpets for Allergies

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Wool Carpets: The Best Carpets for Allergies

If you’re one of the nearly 30% of adults or 40% of children in the U.S. who lives with allergies, you don’t need a doctor telling you how the war against allergens is an everyday, uphill battle. Allergens are everywhere around the house – embedded in fabric, airborne in dust and lying in wait on hard surfaces.

It’s impossible to rid your home entirely of these microscopic particles, but you can minimize dust, pet dander, mold, pollen and other annoying allergens in the air that trigger allergic reactions. Did you know that natural wool carpet is an effective tool in your anti-allergy arsenal?

A properly maintained wool carpet can improve indoor air quality and have a beneficial effect on your health.

There’s a common misperception that people with allergies should avoid carpet in the home. Actually, the opposite is true. Studies now suggest that a properly maintained wool carpet can have a beneficial effect on your health. Here’s how hypoallergenic carpeting works.

Hypoallergenic Wool Carpets

  • Indoor air purity – Acts as a passive air filter to trap dust, pollen and other particles. Wool carpets also absorb air pollutants and gases faster and better than other carpet fibers.

  • Non-irritating – Most wool fibers are too long and thick to be inhaled, so a wool carpet won’t irritate the respiratory system or cause allergic reactions.

  • Easy to keep clean – A wool carpet’s overlapping fibers form ridges that trap particles in the upper layer of the pile where they can be easily vacuumed away. In fact, regular vacuuming removes the food source of allergen-producing dust mites.

Best Carpet for Allergies

Wool from sheep raised in New Zealand is recognized as the highest quality in the world. Sheep farmers there are passionate about their animals and their lands, using sustainable practices to raise free-range sheep bred for wool that’s ideally suited for carpets and upholstery. New Zealand wool is also naturally white so it readily accepts dyes for beautifully vibrant colors and patterns. And wool has built-in resistance to crushing, so carpet fibers bounce back even after repeated wear. Add to that its natural tendency to resist soil and stains and you can understand why wool makes the best carpet for allergy sufferers.

Karastan chooses to use New Zealand wool over any other types because of its superior beauty and strength as well as hypoallergenic properties. When shopping for wool carpeting, also look for the “Wool: Clean Air Certification” label that assures a carpet that removes contaminants from the air and contributes to a healthier indoor environment. Karastan was the first to carry the Wool: Clean Air Certified label on all of its wool carpets and rugs.

Despite the itching, sneezing and watery eyes, people with allergies and sensitivities to dust and other particles can still enjoy the warmth and comfort of carpeting in their home.

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